On the bright side

I teach the 4-year-old Primary class and have a little boy in my class who volunteers every week to say the prayer. Last week he thanked Heavenly Father for not letting us talk to strangers, then he thanked Him for the alphabet, and proceeded to bless the letters A, B, C, through Z, then he thanked Heavenly Father for numbers and blessed the numbers 1-20, then he thanked Him for colors and blessed 10 different colors. I wondered if I should stop him. I didn't mind the prayer's length, but I worried about his classmates getting impatient. When I looked around the other children had their eyes closed and were listening intently, so I just let him keep going. I was glad I did because he finished by saying, "And thank you for Sister Alley because she doesn't make me stop praying like my mom does." — Nikki Alley, Universal City, Texas