Service project repays good deed

CUMBERLAND, Md. — When a major renovation project began on the meetinghouse of the Cumberland Ward in the Winchester Virginia Stake during the summer of 1999, members were left without a facility where they could meet. Learning of their plight, the principal of Bishop Walsh High School, a local Catholic school, offered her school as a place for the ward to hold Sunday meetings.

Sister Phyllis, principal of the school, "was very obliging and wouldn't accept the payment of rent," said Mac Robinson, high priests group leader in the Cumberland Ward.

But as a token of their appreciation, Bishop Steve Grow of the Cumberland Ward offered the services of the members to fill any need the school might have.

"Well," said Sister Phyllis, "we need some sprucing up around the grounds."

Ward members were eager to help, said Brother Robinson. About 100 members gathered to remove trees and perform other needed landscaping tasks such as trimming bushes around the school and football field.

"We had more than enough volunteers to get the job done in about three hours," said Steve Whited, a former bishop in the ward.

Sister Phyllis expressed her pleasure and amazement at the amount of work that was accomplished in such a short time, noting that the school saved "a lot of money" in grounds maintenance.

Considering the success of the project, and the goodwill that was generated, members now plan to organize other improvement projects with the school.