Spotlight on historic sites: Harkers Island

On Jan. 20, 1898, Elders John Telford and William Hansen traveled east by open boat from Beaufort, N.C., to a small isle off North Carolina's coastal plain called Harkers Island.

Since then, the message of the gospel first taught by Elders Telford and Hansen has been embraced by hundreds of Harkers Island residents. Today the island enjoys a rich LDS history. About one-fourth of the island's population are Latter-day Saints, perhaps the highest per capita concentration of members in any community along the Eastern Seaboard.

LDS members and friends gathered at Shell Point on the east end of Harkers Island in January 1998 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the historic landing of the first LDS missionaries.

Harkers Island is a short drive east from Morehead City, N.C., off SR-70.