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Emergency preparedness

PEORIA, Ill. — The Peoria Illinois Stake used the Y2K phenomenon to test the preparation level of each ward and branch in the stake.

Beginning in early fall of this past year, Pres. C. Steven Dawson, stake president, asked units in the stake to prepare for the beginning of the new century and possible Y2K concerns by having a plan in place to contact every member of the stake on New Year's Day morning. A report was then to be given to the stake presidency concerning the welfare of each stake member by noon that day.

The response was gratifying. All members of the Peoria Stake were accounted for. Even though Y2K problems did not materialize, the process of asking units to be prepared to report on the welfare of each member of the stake allowed Pres. Dawson to test the emergency preparedness of each unit. That, in turn, will assist them to be more confident in dealing with any future disaster that may strike central Illinois.

Community service

ENUGU, Nigeria — Members of the Enugu District in the Nigeria Enugu Mission have been busy lately serving others.

Some 150 members recently participated in a project to beautify portions of the capital city of Enugu in the Enugu state of Nigeria. The project lasted two days and consisted of trimming flowers, cutting grass and painting curbs of five "round-abouts." In addition, sand deposits were also cleaned from the Trans Ekutu bridge.

"The community service attracted great commendations from the press, the government and the public," said district Pres. Stephen Chukwuma Ejielo. "Our joy was full more so for the number of non-members receiving missionary discussions as a result of the contact made with members during the community service."

In addition to community service, members here have opened a family history center in the Enugu District meetinghouse. "We have about 3,000 names of families in the computer," Pres. Ejielo continued. "The new family history center is a great motivator of family history work in the district."

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