Living by the scriptures

I, Pahoran, who am the chief governor of this land, do send these words unto Moroni, the chief captain over the army. Behold, I say unto you, Moroni, that I do not joy in your great afflictions, yea, it grieves my soul. — Alma 61:2.

A few years ago I was called to serve as the Primary president of a very large Primary. When we looked at our staff, we realized we had 17 positions to fill. As a new presidency we were a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of filling those positions quickly, as they had been vacant for several months.

As we submitted names for the different positions we were told "no" consistently, for whatever reasons. People in the ward were getting tired of substituting and the children were growing restless and unmanageable. They wanted their own teacher. A feeling of frustration was growing in our presidency meetings and also from the ward members. I was even beginning to murmur, wondering why we were not getting any teachers.

Then one night in our family scripture reading we read Alma 60, where Captain Moroni complains to Pahoran about not getting any supplies to the soldiers who were fighting to save their freedom. I could feel Moroni's anger and frustration. That night, before I went to bed, I reread Pahoran's kind and gentle answer in Alma 61. Those kind and loving words helped me to realize that the bishop was also grieved with the Primary situation. I found great comfort in those words. That night as I said my prayers I repented of my murmuring and realized that I didn't know what types of problems the bishopric was having in filling all the needs of the ward.

In our very next presidency meeting, I shared my testimony-building experience. From that very meeting we came up with creative ways to meet the needs of our precious Primary children. It still took several months to fill all the positions, but because we were doing it the Lord's way we received extra help from the Spirit and the children felt the same peace that we felt as we dealt with the constant changing substitutes.

In the end, when all positions were filled, we experienced the most heavenly Primary staff I have ever been blessed to work with. The Lord blesses our lives as we learn from the scriptures and we apply them to our lives. — Yvonne Lambert, Huntingdon, England

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