Members cherish Bible — and more

PROVO, Utah — Jesus Christ is the central figure in the doctrine and practice of the Church, emphasized Robert L. Millet, dean of BYU Religious Education, Jan. 8 during the "Christ, Savior, Son of God" symposium here.

"We have been instructed from the beginning of time to do all that we do in the name of the Son; thus our sermons, testimonies, prayers and ordinances are performed in the name of Jesus Christ.Brother Millet said that one of the main reasons Latter-day Saints are sometimes relegated to the category of cult or non-Christian by others of different faiths is because Church members believe in scripture beyond the Bible.

"To be sure, we love the Bible. We cherish its sacred teachings and delight in reading and teaching it," he explained. "We seek to conform our lives to its marvelous precepts. But we do not believe that the Bible contains all that God has spoken or will yet speak in the future."

Because of this, Brother Millet said, there are some who question if Church members worship a "different Jesus."

"We accept and endorse the testimony of the New Testament writers," he said. "Jesus is the Promised Messiah, the Resurrection and the Life, literally the Light of the world. Everything that testifies of His divine birth, His goodness, His transforming power and His Godhood, we embrace enthusiastically.

"He has broken the bands of death and lives today. All this we know and rejoice in. We also rejoice in the additional knowledge latter-day prophets have provided about our Lord and Savior.

Quoting Brigham Young, Brother Millet said: "We, the Latter-day Saints, take the liberty of believing more than our Christian brethren: we not only believe . . . the Bible, but . . . the whole of the plan of salvation that Jesus has given to us. Do we differ from others who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ? No, only in believing more."