New stake presidencies

The Fountain Colorado Stake, which includes the Colorado 3rd, 5th, 8th, 16th, and 17th and Fountain wards, has been created by Elder Yoshihiko Kikuchi of the Seventy.

The Mesa Arizona Boulder Creek Stake, which includes the Boulder Creek, Brighton, Highland, Highland Ranch, Meadows, Mesquite Canyon, Monterey and Sossaman wards, has been created by Elder Angel Abrea of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Washington D.C., and in California, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Washington, D.C., and Washington.


FOUNTAIN COLORADO STAKE: (Dec. 12, 1999) Created from the Colorado Springs Colorado and Colorado Springs Colorado East Stakes. President — Larry M. Lewis, 48, programming supervisor for Current Inc.; wife, Holly Rayane Nelson Lewis. Counselors — John B. Harper, 58, clinical social worker for the Veterans Administration; wife, Linda Rae Campbell Harper. L. Lee Forsythe, 57, information technology supervisor for Colorado Springs Utilities; wife, Linda Lee Hanson Forsythe.

MESA ARIZONA BOULDER CREEK STAKE: (Dec. 5, 1999) Created from the Gilbert Arizona Highland Stake. President — Russell David Thornock, 55, real estate broker for Federal Land Exchange, and corporate officer for Uinta Investments; wife, Cathy Ann Andersen Thornock. Counselors — Kent R. Garner, 63, area director for Church Educational System; wife, Suzann Dickson Garner. Malcolm J. Pace, 53, self employed sales engineer; wife, Loretta Robson Pace.


ALBUQUERQUE NEW MEXICO STAKE: (Dec. 5, 1999) President — Lane Seitter Sego, 47, owner of Pro Services of New Mexico and Rio Rancho Distribution Transfer Storage Center; succeeding Stanley Nelson Hatch; wife, Rhonda Lynn Leath Sego. Counselors — Ben Murphy Allen, 48, attorney for Hatch, Allen, Shepherd BA; wife, Joycelyn Richins Allen. Robert Milton Sego, 56, management analyst for Corrections Department of New Mexico; wife, Nora Ann Call Sego.

CHICO CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Nov. 21, 1999) President — Dale Winters Madsen, 46, dentist; succeeding Robert Leland Morgan; wife, Jo Anne Stone Madsen. Counselors — Robert Lloyd Paulson, 54, professor of physics at California State University Chico; wife, Carolyn Francis Cooper Paulson. Bradford Lee Ogden, 45, self-employed CPA; wife, Teri Lee Humpherys Ogden.

DENTON TEXAS STAKE: (Dec. 5, 1999) President — Vaughn A Andrus, 55, president and chief executive officer for Farmers & Merchants Bank; succeeding James B. Martino; wife, Margaret Ann Porter Andrus. Counselors — Mark T. Warner, 54, president of Warner Financial Group Inc.; wife, Jane Davidson Warner. David G. Passey, 32, emergency analyst and internal trainer for Federal Emergency Management Agency; wife, Natalie Elizabeth Penrod Passey.

FEDERAL WAY WASHINGTON STAKE: (Dec. 5, 1999) President — Ned P. Bjorn, 44, account manager for Cimlinc Inc.; succeeding Richard Alan Mitchell; wife, Theresa Thompson Bjorn. Counselors — Randal L. Nicholls, 42, investment adviser for Compass Financial Group; wife, Kelly Lynn Hellstrom Nicholls. Bradley C. Partridge, 39, senior marketing manager for Attachmate Corp.; wife, Alison Ogden Partridge.

LAS VEGAS NEVADA SUNRISE STAKE: (Dec. 5, 1999) President — Wayne Charles Anderson, retained. Counselors — Richard Allen Bailey Jr., retained. Gary R. Livingston, 46, pharmacist for Red Rock Pharmacy; wife, Joyce Harmon Livingston.

LAS VEGAS NEVADA TULE SPRINGS STAKE: (Dec. 12, 1999) President — Jay D. Bingham, 46, owner of Juliet Homes; succeeding Scott Keith Higginson; wife, Francine Hosier Bingham. Counselors — David S. Dixon, 41, financial service representative for Members Financial Services; wife, Jana Kay Waite Dixon. Jerry C. Faircloth Jr., 49, retired county planner for Clark County Nevada; wife, Carol Joan Collie Faircloth.

PUYALLUP WASHINGTON SOUTH STAKE: (Dec. 5, 1999) President — Spencer K. Dunn, 43, works in employee relations for Boeing; succeeding Jeffrey D. Mann; wife, Mary Alice Saliwanchik Dunn. Counselors — Kevin S. Richardson, 50, assistant temple recorder for Corporation of the President; wife, Susan Smith Richardson. Marc A. Brown, 37, attorney for Reliance Surety Co.; wife, Suzanne Karlinsey Brown.

RIVERSIDE CALIFORNIA WEST STAKE: (Dec. 12, 1999) President — Gregory Stephen Bishop, 46, coordinator for Church Educational System; succeeding Leonard Darwin Southwick; wife, Nadette Jex Bishop. Counselors — Bradley Cecil Albrechtsen, 37, chief financial officer for National RV Holdings Inc.; wife, Valerie Beth McCune Albrechtsen. Randy W. Rupp, 39, regional quality manager for United Parcel Service; wife, RoAnn Schmidt Rupp.

SALT LAKE BIG COTTONWOOD STAKE: (Nov. 21, 1999) President — Ellis Reed Ivory, 59, general partner of Ivory Homes; succeeding Kerry Maurice Heinz; wife, Kathryn Jane Stohl Ivory. Counselors — Roger Boden Pinnock, 57, president of Pinnock, Rubbin, Posey & Richins; wife, Kathleen Cannon Pinnock. Joseph Foss Cowley Jr., 60, self-employed CPA; wife, Gwen Abegg Webster Cowley.

SALT LAKE EMIGRATION STAKE: (Dec. 5, 1999) President — Richard G. Horne, 51, executive director of R. Harold Burton Foundation; succeeding Richard G. Hinckley; wife, Shauna Lane Bateman Horne. Counselors — Fritjof F. Langeland, 52, OB-GYN physician; wife, Shirley Christensen Langeland. James C. Beck, 49, businessman for Archer and Beck, LLC; wife, Trudy Weixler Beck.

WASHINGTON D.C. STAKE: (Nov. 21, 1999) President — Nolan D. Archibald, 56, chairman of the board, president, and chief executive officer for The Black & Decker Corp.; succeeding Ralph William Hardy Jr.; wife, Margaret Claire Hafen Archibald. Counselors — Robert E. Parsons Jr., 44, executive vice president and chief financial officer for Host Marriott Corporation; wife, Mary Ann Hill Parsons. William S. Blackmer, 47, attorney and partner of Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering; wife, Barbara Bitton Blackmer.