Symposium: ‘Christ, Savior, Son of God’

PROVO, Utah — Thousands of Church members participated in the "Christ, Savior, Son of God" symposium, sponsored by BYU Jan. 4-8.

The symposium, said Robert L. Millet, dean of Religious Education at BYU, was held to "celebrate the name, person, power and infinite influence of Jesus the Christ, and to consider what it means to be a Christian, in particular, a Latter-day Saint Christian."

Church members gathered Jan. 4-7 for nightly presentations in the Provo Tabernacle. Other presentations were given all day Jan. 8 on the BYU campus.

Brother Millet called the symposium a vehicle to help others turn their focus toward Christ, especially during the 2,000th anniversary year of His birth.

BYU Pres. Merrill J. Bateman said the idea for the symposium was triggered by the millennium. "It is a wonderful time to be able to look back 2,000 years at the central set of events that occurred in history. . . . It is just a wonderful opportunity for us to talk about the Savior, what He has done for us, and the gospel that He has given us."