Family history seminar: FamilySearch update

An update of the FamilySearch site on the Internet was presented by Randy Bryson at the Computerized Genealogy for the New Millennium seminar at BYU March 16-18.

As of March 12, 2000, the FamilySearch site had 2,563,855,207 hits and 37,793,753 visits since its launch May 24, 1999. The site has an average of 8 million hits and 125,000 visits per day. It has 105,053 collaboration lists, 392,000 registered users and 18,092 web pages indexed. It contains three major indexes that can be searched together or individually, the International Genealogical Index (IGI), Ancestral File (AF), and Pedigree Resource File (PRF).Updates to the website include:

The remaining regions of the IGI were launched in November 1999 on the Internet, adding another 240 million names. Major search capacities were also added and improvements to the personal computer software, Personal Ancestral File (PAF 4.0) (See related article on page 5). The FamilySearch site also now has a new index, the Pedigree Resource File, where people can send their genealogy, and it becomes searchable on the internet, and is included in a CD set.

Improved results from searches have been added. In the past, the limit was 200 names. That limit has been increased to a maximum of 5,000. Also, when information is downloaded from FamilySearch to a personal computer, it is done so in a standard GEDCOM file that includes both the Ancestral File and International Genealogical Index links that record the sources of the information. For example, if a film number is recorded as the source of information, a user can click on the film number and it will take the user automatically to the IGI or AF for further searching.