Women of covenant can be a light in a darkening world

PROVO, Utah — The heavens are open to women today, Ardeth G. Kapp declared April 28 during the closing session of BYU Women's Conference. "They are not closed unless we ourselves, by our choice, close them.

"Can we be a light to the nations in a darkening world and raise a standard by pressing forward with steadfastness in Christ?" Sister Kapp, former Young Women general president, asked. She then discussed the following:

"First, we can press forward. Our Savior marked the path and led the way."

Sister Kapp related: "I've discovered it's not the straight and narrow path or the rod of iron that causes the ache for most of us. We want to be good, but it's the terrain that causes the strain, the pain, and the gain. With our limited perspective, those times we may think our Father in Heaven has forgotten us, in time we will look back and realize He was with us all the way."

"We will press forward. When we press forward with steadfastness in Christ with a perfect brightness of hope, our lives have meaning. We begin not only to look but also to see, not only to touch, but also to feel, not only to talk, but also to communicate. Our otherwise routine activities can become an offering on the altar of God. We don't just serve, we nurture."

Sister Kapp explained that there will be failures in life and in families. "Things don't always turnout the way we plan. But don't ever let what you haven't done put in question all the good you have done and are doing."

We must press forward. We are women of covenant, we have taken upon us His name, to always remember Him and keep His commandments, that we may always have His spirit to be with us. May God bless us not with borrowed light but with His light and we shall press forward from this conference with vision, with renewed determination, with confidence and commitment."