Former BYU star honored

BOSTON, Mass. — Prominent LDS retired basketball player and coach, Danny Ainge was inducted May 1 into the GTE Academic All-America Hall of Fame.

He was inducted along with Nobel Prize winner F. Sherwood Rowland (Ohio Wesleyan University), Olympic gold medalist Pablo Morales (Stanford University, California), child psychiatrist Regina Cavanaugh Murphy (Rice University, Texas) and attorney and former NFL quarterback Oliver Luck (West Virginia University).

Brother Ainge was selected as an Academic All-American as a junior and senior at BYU. He became eligible for induction to the Hall after completing his degree in communications in 1992 at BYU after also taking classes at Boston University and Lewis & Clark College.

Now living in Gilbert, Ariz., Brother Ainge was accompanied to Boston for the event by his wife, Michelle, and four of their six children.

"We drove down memory lane while we were in Boston," said Brother Ainge, who began his 14-year career as an NBA player with the Boston Celtics. "Our children got a great start academically in Boston."

At the event in Boston, members of the media asked him questions ranging from baseball, the current status of the Celtics, a possible return to coaching, and about leaving his job as head coach of the Phoenix Suns in favor of spending more time with his family. He is a commentator for TNT broadcasts in the NBA.

"I don't regret my decision to leave coaching; it was the best decision I made in my circumstance and I think it caught my wife off guard when I first mentioned it to her," he said.

He joins two other LDS athletes who were previously inducted into this Hall of Fame: football players Merlin Olsen of Utah State University and Steve Bramwell of the University of Washington.