Even the faithful will suffer adversity

While watching righteous women and children suffer death by fire in Ammonihah, Amulek could no longer bear to watch and pleaded with Alma to "exercise the power of God which is in us" and save them. (Alma 14:10.) But Alma responded: "The Spirit constraineth me that I must not stretch forth mine hand."

The latter tenderly explained that the Lord was allowing this tragedy "as a witness" against the wicked and that the martyrs were being received in glory. (Verse 11.)

In his April 1989 general conference address, Elder Ronald E. Poelman of the Seventy directed his remarks "to those who with righteous desire seek earnestly to learn and strive diligently to do God's will, yet nevertheless experience adversity. Adversity in the lives of the obedient and faithful may be the consequence of disease, accidental injury, ignorance or the influence of the adversary. To preserve free agency, the Lord also at times permits the righteous to suffer the consequences of evil acts by others."

Elder Poelman spoke of responding to such adversity with faith, patience and hope. "Repeated assurances have been given regarding the benefits and blessings of positive responses to adversity, however undeserved."