Aid given in north Brazil after destructive flooding

RECIFE, Brazil — Thousands of pounds of food and clothing have been distributed by the Church following severe flooding in northern Brazil that took more than 22 lives and left more than 63,000 people without homes during the first week in August.

Some 3,000 members were homeless, and 7,350 food boxes were distributed among members and non-members. In all, 120 tons of supplies, including 8,800 blankets and 6,770 mattresses, were distributed. Missionaries provided considerable service in cleaning and assisting people.

Elder Claudio R.M. Costa of the Seventy, president of the Brazil North Area, visited the flooded areas immediately after the waters receded and approved the distribution of Church humanitarian supplies in Palmares, Barreiros and surrounding areas.

"While visiting these cities, we had a view similar to what one would see in the middle of a war," said Elder Costa. "We found homeless families, hungry and cold, with naked children. We immediately sent the help needed for these first moments.

"We are extremely grateful for the help of Church headquarters and wish you to know that thousands of people have been blessed through the humanitarian aid we have received from Salt Lake City."

The flooding followed five days of heavy rains during which rivers overflowed their banks and rushed through cities, eroding banks and destroying buildings.