Clean-up efforts save parade

EL PASO, Texas — More than 300 Church members on clean-up duty here Nov. 23 helped carry on the 64-year-old tradition of the Sun Bowl Parade.

City officials almost canceled the annual parade because of problems finding a sponsor to clean the nearly three-mile parade route. Hiring a clean-up crew would cost thousands of dollars and the sanitation department did not have the resources to do the job quickly.

So Linda King, El Paso Texas Mount Franklin Stake public affairs community specialist, offered help.

Every ward in the El Paso and the El Paso Mount Franklin stakes was assigned a one-block area to clean up. Each ward member donned a T-shirt with the Church's name on it. About 30 minutes after the parade, the entire 2.7-mile parade route was clean.

One man whose store front was cleaned up in the process exclaimed, "It's always such a mess after the parade and you did a tremendous job. I want to make a donation to your Church." The Sun Bowl Special Events director, Karen Paul, said she had driven down the parade route after it was over and she couldn't believe how clean everything was. She estimated that the Church saved the city at least $10,000 with this service.