Inner city LDS visit Palmyra historic sites

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK — Members from three branches in the inner city of Rochester, N.Y., were invited by the missionary couples serving at the Palmyra Historical Sites to spend a day in Palmyra. On Oct. 20, almost 100 members and investigators of the Church boarded buses to travel 35 miles to the Hill Cumorah and other sites.

For many, this was their first opportunity to visit the sites. Even though they live so close, financial limitations make the trip impossible.

They visited the hill where Joseph Smith received the plates from the Angel Moroni, and the Sacred Grove where the young Joseph received heavenly answer to his prayers.

They also visited the replica of the log home where the Smith family lived when Joseph read from the book of James. They walked the short distance to the white frame home, the second Smith home, where Joseph did some of the translation and hid the plates under the parlor's hearth stone. They also strolled around the newly dedicated Palmyra New York Temple.

An evening meal was provided by the couple missionaries of the sites.