Testimonies, friendships grow during Polish youth conference

WARSAW, Poland — Youth from across Poland gathered Aug. 25-27 for a youth conference of games and scripture study. In the process, "we learned how great our testimonies were which we had not noticed all these years," wrote one of the youth leaders.

About 37 youth attended the conference in Warsaw, the largest conference in recent years. Among the activities that helped unify the youth was a dance where older members taught the youth to dance to classic rhythms.

As part of the weekend, the youth participated in sacrament meeting in the Warsaw Branch where they sang "In Our Lovely Deseret" in English since they didn't have a Polish version. They later sang a Polish translation of "As Zion's Youth in Latter Days."

Before each meal, a scripture was read and discussed to emphasize how the youth could "learn wisdom." (Alma 37:35.) Other activities included a "wisdom hunt" similar to a treasure hunt, where youth searched the meetinghouse for hidden wisdom.

"As a result, our testimonies grew, and we became much closer to each other," one youth said.