Youth pledge to remain free of pornography

Several youth from northern Utah recently pledged to live lives free of pornography and to influence others to do the same. To show their sincerity, five young men and young women from Coalville and Morgan, along with four others from Coal, Utah, met with Elder Richard P. Lindsay, former member of the Seventy, in Salt Lake City Dec. 2 to present their pledges and discuss the positive influence they can wield in society. Elder Lindsay, who has been involved with anti-pornography organizations for many years, called these young people "the hope of the future."

"These are the people in the Church who can set the pattern for the rest of the young people in the country," Elder Lindsay said in a telephone interview. "I couldn't have been more proud. President Hinckley has said [youth today] are the best and the brightest, and he's right."

Accompanying the youth to the meeting in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building were their parents and Amy Fielding, founder and president of "HOME" (Homes Offering Moral Empowerment), who is also a member of the Cove Ward, Richmond Utah Stake. Sister Fielding's organization, based in Cache Valley, seeks to educate people about the dangers of pornography to children and families.

"These youth felt that it was important not only to pledge to abstain from pornography themselves but also to urge youth who are already involved to get away from it," Sister Fielding explained.

The pledge, titled "Scorn Porn," read in part, "We, as Utah's youth, pledge to take a stand against such filth and set a good example for our friends and family."

The youth also presented to Elder Lindsay a bumper sticker that says, "PorNO, Peers Against Pornography — Morgan High."