Brazilian governor welcomes area leader during state visit

MACEIO, Brazil — Elder Robert S. Wood of the Seventy, first counselor in the Brazil North Area presidency, was hosted by Governor Ronaldo Lessa of the state of Algoas during Elder Wood's visit to this northern Brazilian city July 5-6.

A former U.S. Naval War College dean, Elder Wood was received in the governor's palace, and his visit was covered by the local media. Elder Wood and the governor discussed the local humanitarian and welfare projects performed by members in the Brazil Maceio Mission and area stakes. Among these have been cleaning the beaches and educating the public of the need to maintain clean beaches, one of the main tourist assets of the state. The Church has also donated materials to a tropical disease hospital, and missionaries are using their public service hours to help digitize hospital records.

Elder Wood noted that a Church humanitarian and welfare goal is to help people to help themselves. Some joint efforts in literacy programs were discussed in hopes of making maximum use of resources. Elder Wood presented the governor with Church literature, including a copy of the Book of Mormon.

Elder Wood also visited a local law school and spoke to students about moral and spiritual values in government. Eduardo Tavares Mendes, director of the school, said Elder Wood's visit was a landmark in the history of the institution. Elder Wood also paid visits to the Maceio harbormaster and to a journalism conglomerate.

Magno Alexandre Ferreira Moura, Algoas director of public affairs