Lost Scout gets lift from movie star

An LDS Scout must have felt like a supporting actor in a Hollywood action flick when he was rescued by Hollywood star Harrison Ford.

The actor — known by millions as "Indiana Jones" and "Han Solo" — was enlisted to pilot a helicopter to help find and rescue Cody Clawson, 13, the morning after the young man became separated from his troop while camping in Wyoming.

On July 9, Cody reportedly missed the trail turnoff while carrying gear from a parking lot to a campsite at Camp Loll, about one mile south of Yellowstone National Park.

Suddenly, the Huntsville (Utah) 2nd Ward teen found himself lost among a stand of fir trees. He walked and walked and walked, toting a sleeping bag, air mattress and two empty water packs.

He soon ditched those items and kept wandering through the wilderness. Thunderclouds began rolling in over the mountains, so Cody decided to build a shelter — something he'd done to earn the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge last summer. But fierce winds blew down every lean-to he put up.

The Scout found sparse shelter under an overhanging rock and settled in for a fitful night's sleep. A quartet of bears lumbered past Cody's rock shelter in the morning but did not stop.

At sunrise, dozens of Idaho and Wyoming search and rescue teams scoured the mountains on foot while three aircraft hovered overhead. Harrison Ford, who lives part-time in Wyoming and is a helicopter pilot, spotted Cody about 8:30 a.m. and touched down in a clearing about five miles from the Scout camp. Two rescuers in the helicopter greeted Cody, who was shivering, soggy and splattered with marsh mud. One of them told him Harrison Ford was the pilot, but Cody said he didn't believe it.

" 'Morning' " the actor said. Cody instantly recognized the voice and the line from a scene in a Star Wars movie.

"Boy, you sure must have earned a merit badge for this one," Mr. Ford said.

"I already earned this badge last summer," Cody replied.

Cody was treated for mild hypothermia and received a handshake and hug from "Indiana Jones."