Church News: Obituaries

Glen Ashton Lloyd, 72, died July 26, 2001, while serving in the England Leeds Mission with his wife, Sister Sylvia Lloyd. Elder Lloyd was a former bishop and high councilor. He also served for 20 years on the committee for the Days of '47 (Pioneer Day, July 24) in Salt Lake City.

Asael Taylor Sorensen Sr., 83, former president of the Brazilian Mission, died Aug. 1, 2001, in Salt Lake City. Brother Sorensen was called as president of the Brazilian Mission in 1953 and then later to the newly organized Brazil South Mission. He was a bishop and member of a stake presidency, regional representative and patriarch. He also served seven years as the Church's real estate representative for South America and, later, parts of Europe, South Africa and Southeast Asia, helping acquire building sites for meetinghouses and temples.