Storm soaks pioneer trek

MARSHALL, Virginia — Participants in the Seneca Maryland Stake youth conference, discovering more about the trials faced by pioneers, had to be rescued on their own handcart trek recently at the Marriott Ranch in Virginia.

On the evening of the first day of the scheduled four-day trek, the youth and their leaders were hit by a violent storm. Rain poured amid the lightning.

Plans to sleep out in the open were abandoned because of the rain, high winds, threats of flooding and hypothermia. The staff of the Marriott Ranch used trucks to help get people down the mountain and also contacted neighboring ranchers with four-wheel-drive vehicles to help. Once rescued, the trekkers spent the rest of the night in the best Marriott facility available, a picnic pavilion. A local food store donated 17 dozen donuts to the weary campers at 3 a.m. Later in the day, parents and others from the stake arrived to take them home.