Temple Moment: Committed worker

"When I was baptized into the Church in 1978 in Ghana, West Africa, my desire to be temple worthy and someday attend the temple for my own endowments was strong," recalled Samuel E. Bainson, first counselor to the bishop in the Solon Ward, Kirtland Ohio Stake.

"At the time, the prospect of attending the temple was very remote. In 1981, I was blessed to receive a mission call to the England Manchester Mission. Through this call, I was able to travel to Salt Lake City and receive my endowments. The week before I entered the center was spent in daily temple service. It was a glorious experience. I vowed that someday if I lived in a country with a temple, I would attend the temple regularly.

"The day before I went home to Ghana, my eyes filled with tears as I thought I might never be inside a temple again due to distance and the financial burden of having to travel long distances to attend a temple.

"However, in 1983, through marriage and school, I found myself living in Madison, Wis. The nearest temple at the time was in Washington, D.C., which was an 18-hour drive. I was glad to join members of the ward on the annual temple trip.

"In 1994, my older sister suddenly passed away. I was devastated by this news and felt that I needed to have the temple work done for her. I felt strongly that she would hear and accept the gospel."

Later, while in he was in the temple, the feeling came again, along with a feeling of appreciation for the work he was doing. "My heart was full and my joy increased in a very special way to know that my work and service at the temple was blessing someone who had gone before. I left the temple that day with a different attitude about temple work. From that day on, I was a committed temple patron."

Another in a series of "Temple Moments."

Illustration by John Clark.