City, Church celebrate families

PANABO, Philippines — Members of the Panabo Philippines District, Philippines Davao Mission, celebrated National Family Week in conjunction with the Panabo mayor and city council the week of Sept. 24. Activities included a large motorcade through city streets graced with streamers and banners promoting families, and an opening ceremony at the City Hall Freedom Park.

Mission President Arsenio A. Pagaduan gave the keynote address titled, "My Family and Your Family in Today's World." His remarks on family prayer, family home evening and obeying the Word of Wisdom were well received by everyone, including government officials and others who are not members of the Church, according to a report on the event.

A street exhibit on family history enabled missionaries to share the gospel with others. They spoke of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon as they gave tours of the exhibit. Mayor Rey P. Gavina was presented with a copy of the Book of Mormon and the "Joseph Smith's Testimony" pamphlet. The events received positive media attention.