Elder Charles Didier

 Walls separate people physically, mentally and even spiritually, while bridges bring them together and create unity.

Latter-day Saints can use the metaphor "to help us build a bridge of faith in our life for crossing and overcoming the walls of unbelief, indifference, fear or sin. Our mortal life is the time for men to meet God by building a bridge of faith, opening the door into immortality and eternal life.

"The centerpiece of the bridge, the cornerstone, represents the Atonement of Jesus Christ, the Mediator, the link between mortality and immortality, the connection between the natural man and the spiritual man, the change from temporal life to eternal life.

"The love of God, the other side of the bridge, is the reward of our faith in his son, Jesus the Christ. . . . This bridge of faith will make a difference between the reality of eternal reunion with our Heavenly Father or eternal separation from him if we erect walls of sin that turn us away from his love and mercy.

"The gift of the Holy Ghost is the foundation of the bridge of faith. . . . The inner feelings and promptings to overcome the obstacles of life and to make righteous choices will come by listening to the voice of the Holy Ghost." Inevitable storms of life can be met if the foundation provided by the Holy Ghost is strong.

"In our day, it is easy to isolate ourselves by erecting temporal, spiritual and even family or religious walls. Let us instead build more bridges of faith, of reconciliation and live by (the peace offered by the Savior.)"