Elder Steven E. Snow

Quorums of the Seventy

 "Isn't it ironic that we will often travel many miles to see the wonders of nature or the creations of man but yet ignore the beauty in our own back yard."

Career goals, wealth and material rewards can lead to a lack of appreciation for the blessings of present circumstances. It is precarious to dwell on why some are not given more. It's beneficial to dwell on why most have so much. Alma says, ". . . let thy heart be full of thanks to God."

"As holders of the priesthood we should constantly strive to increase our gratitude."

An expression of gratitude should be included in all prayers. President Joseph F. Smith instructed, "The spirit of gratitude is always pleasant and satisfying because it carries with it a sense of helpfulness to others."

In October 1879 a group of 237 Latter-day Saints were called to blaze a new route to San Juan County. It was to have taken six weeks but took six months. Their struggles are well-documented, particularly their crossing the Colorado River at Hole-in-the-Rock. Then they faced their final obstacle, Comb Ridge.

Elder Snow's family climbed Comb Ridge 120 years later. It is steep and treacherous. Beneath their feet were the scars from wagon wheels. Were the people bitter? Did they criticize their leaders? Our questions were answered at the top of Comb Ridge where, inscribed in the sandstone, were the words "We thank thee, O God."

"Brethren, I pray we might keep our hearts full of thanks and appreciation for what we have."