Messages of inspiration from President Hinckley

A symbol of our faith

The temple, in a sense, becomes a symbol of our faith, of the eternity of our purpose, of the eternal nature of God and the Lord Jesus Christ, and of the plan which They have for children of our Father.

 'Treat your children with love and kindness. . .There is nothing in this world that will matter to you as much as those boys and girls.'
‘Treat your children with love and kindness. . .There is nothing in this world that will matter to you as much as those boys and girls.’ Credit: Photo by Greg Hill

— From KTRK-TV Houston interview, July 18, 2000

Be found worthy of His blessings

Get on your knees, every night and every morning. . . . Don't let anything come into your lives which would take from you the desire to pray. Speak with your Father in Heaven. Speak with love. Express your thanks to Him for His blessings. Ask Him for those things which you hold dear to your heart, and He will hear and answer your prayers. He will open the way before you if you plead with Him and live worthy of His blessings. — From member meeting, Pago Pago, American Samoa, June 17, 2000

God bless you

May the sunlight of faith ever warm your hearts. May you grow in strength and capacity as the years pass. May your outreach to others be as that of the good Samaritan. May the service which you render be fruitful for good in the lives of others. May prayer be a part of your daily activity. May reading enhance your knowledge and increase your understanding. May you be true and faithful one to another, and may the years bring to you that peace which passeth all understanding, the peace which comes of following the precepts of the Master. — From devotional address, BYU Alumni, Sept. 12, 2000

Humanitarian aid

I hope the Church is good at taking care of its own. I believe it is. It has a responsibility sure and certain that we must take care of our own and assist them with their problems. But, we reach out beyond that in a very significant way. We've contributed millions upon millions upon millions of dollars to assist the unfortunate people of the earth who find themselves in the worst kind of difficulties. . . . We've reached out to so many nations now, given so much. . . . We've been very successful, and I think have done immeasurable good in those areas where we have assisted. — From press conference, June 21, 2000

Loneliness of moral leadership

A man who has principles has to stand up for those principles, regardless of how lonely it is. Jesus was a lonely figure. He had no home. There weren't very many who listened to Him. He was really a lonely figure, and on the cross the loneliest of all. There goes with moral leadership a certain amount of loneliness. — From press conference regarding Standing for Something, Feb. 11, 2000

Missionary work

Great is our [missionary] work, tremendous is our responsibility in helping to find those to teach. The Lord has laid upon us a mandate to teach the gospel to every creature. This will take the very best efforts of every missionary — full-time and stake. It will take the very best efforts of every bishop, of every bishop's counselor, of every member of the ward council. It will take the very best interests of every stake president and his council, and particularly the Member Missionary Coordinating Councils. We cannot evade it. We cannot escape it. We must face up to it. The opportunities are tremendous. We are equal to it, and the Lord will bless us as we try. — From missionary satellite broadcast, "Find the Lambs, Feed the Sheep," Feb. 21, 1999


We teach our people in their own private lives and in their own individual ways to pray, to get on their knees and talk with God and listen for His still small voice and receive His inspiration and direction in their lives. We bear testimony of the fact that that yields great good. — From National Press Club address, March 8, 2000


Put your faith in God. Put your trust in the Lord. It is He who made the promise that He would open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings that there should not be room enough to receive them. That doesn't mean that we will all grow rich, but it does mean that we will be blessed of the Lord. — From regional conference, Santiago, Chile, April 26, 1999

Treat your children kindly

Treat your children with love and kindness. . . . There is nothing in this world that will matter to you as much as those boys and girls; flesh of your flesh, but born the sons and daughters of the Living God, who will occupy your homes and be directed in their lives as they grow before the Lord. — From regional conference, Oahu, Hawaii, Jan. 22, 2000

We ought to be neighborly

We all ought to try to get along in this world. We're all sons and daughters of God. There are far more important concepts that unite us than there are that divide us. We ought to be neighborly; we ought to be friendly; we ought to be tolerant; we ought to be helpful to one another. . . . Misunderstanding comes of ignorance. When we understand people better, we appreciate them more. — From Boston Globe interview, Aug. 14, 2000