Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley

 "Brethren, let us be worthy of the priesthood which we hold. Let us live nearer to the Lord. Let us be good husbands and fathers.

"Any man who is a tyrant in his own home is unworthy of the priesthood. Brethren, let us be good men.

"Now, to a different matter.

"Last April in our priesthood meeting, I announced a new program . . . The Perpetual Education Fund.

"We had nothing in the fund at the time it was planned. But moving forward in faith we established an organization. . . . The money has come in. . . . It has come from generous members of the church who love the Lord."

Elder John K. Carmack, now an Emeritus Seventy, has been called as managing director of the program. Elder Richard E. Cook, who likewise has become Emeritus, will join him.

"We have worn out these brethren on one side, and now have turned them over to wear them out on the other side."

The program is up and running. It will succeed because it is priesthood based. With greatly improved possibilities, LDS young people will step out of the cycle of poverty. By the end of this year there will be 1,200 students in the program. Three years from now estimates are there will be more than 3,000.

"Brethren, we need to care for one another more diligently. We need to make a little more effort to assist those who are down at the bottom of the economic ladder.

"Keep the faith. Minister with love. Rear your families in the way of the Lord. 'Look to God and live.' "