Pres. James E. Faust

 The greatest event in all history was "the incomparable Atonement of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ. This was the most transcendent act that has ever taken place, yet it is also the most difficult to understand."

A desire to understand the Atonement is necessary. "Our salvation depends on believing in and accepting the Atonement. Such acceptance requires a continual effort to understand it more fully. . . . All of us have sinned and need to repent to fully pay our part of the debt. When we sincerely repent, the Savior's magnificent Atonement pays the rest of that debt.

"No man knows the full weight of what our Savior bore, but by the power of the Holy Ghost we can know something of the supernal gift he gave us. . . . What he did could only be done by Deity. . . . He was the only person ever born into mortality who could perform this most significant and supernal act. . . . He broke the cold grasp of death.

"The Atonement cleanses us of sin on condition of our repentance. . . . Christ's Resurrection overcame death and gave us the assurance of life after death. . . . The Resurrection is unconditional and applies to all who have ever lived and ever will live.

"Since the Savior has suffered anything and everything that we could ever feel or experience, he can help the weak to become stronger. He understands our pain and will walk with us even in our darkest hours . . . We long for the ultimate blessing of the Atonement, to become one with him, to be in his divine presence, to be called individually by name as he warmly welcomes us home."