President James E. Faust

 "This evening I would like to challenge the priesthood of the church to be more committed in doing those things which build faith, character and spirituality."

In the modern history of the church there are contrasting examples of men who were favored of the Lord. Hyrum Smith remained totally faithful and committed, even to giving his life, while Oliver Cowdery became blinded by personal ambition. Even though the latter came back, he lost his exalted place in the church. In contrast, Hyrum responded to every need and request from his brother Joseph. Hyrum was steadfast.

"We do not prove our love for the Savior only by doing 'some great thing.' If the prophet personally asked you to go on a mission to some strange and exotic place, would you go? You would probably make every effort to go. But what about paying tithing? What about doing home teaching?"

Members show their love for the Savior in small acts of faith, devotion and kindness.

Small things can have great potential.

"You young men are a chosen generation for whom the future holds great promise. The future may require you to compete with young men in a worldwide market. You need special training. You may be selected for training not because of some extraordinary achievement or great thing but because you got your Eagle Scout or Duty to God award, graduated from seminary or served a mission.

"May we all be faithful in doing the day-to-day, ordinary things that prove our worthiness."