From around the world: Town thanked for bicentennial activities

WHITINGHAM, VERMONT — As an expression of appreciation for the hospitality and leadership provided during the Brigham Young Bicentennial activities sponsored during the summer of 2001, members of the Church in Vermont recently presented the town of Whitingham with a portable lectern with built-in amplifier.

Whitingham, Vt., is the birthplace of Brigham Young. On the initiative of the town fathers, the town added "Birthplace of Brigham Young" to town signs in commemoration of Brigham Young's 200th birthday.

The town of Whitingham, along with the Whitingham Historical Society, Brigham Young University and the family of Brigham Young sponsored a variety of activities, including commemorative lectures and a birthday party in the Whitingham municipal center.

A summer-long exhibit in the Whitingham Historical Society included materials and assistance from the Museum of Church History and Art, and the Church Audio Visual Department. The Whitingham Historical Society building is located on land once owned by Brigham Young's father.

Also, the Hinsdale Branch of the Church and a number of local service organizations sponsored a Pioneer Day picnic on Town Hill, which was the center of Whitingham in Brigham Young's day. Members of the Church from the Springfield Massachusetts and Montpelier Vermont stakes also participated.