This week in Church history

50 years ago

President J. Reuben Clark paid tribute to pioneers while participating in the centennial celebration of the founding of Cedar City, Utah, according to the Nov. 14, 1951, issue of the Church News.

An article stated that President Clark, second counselor in the First Presidency, spoke on the founding anniversary of Cedar City — Nov. 11.

He said: "I know . . . what it meant to be a pioneer, but I also know that out of that pioneering came such qualities of character as the world must regain if it is to live. And if we are to live as free people in this country of ours, we must acquire the virtues of the pioneers; their faults were not enough to count."

Other speakers said the early settlers came to the area "not for wealth and personal aggrandizement, but because of spiritual needs," according to the article. The speakers recounted the history of the area, how it was started as an iron venture but soon diversified into agriculture and other endeavors amid varied success in the manufacture of iron.

The weeklong celebration included a centennial ball on Nov. 10, and other festivities, the Church News reported.