This week in Church history

125 years ago

A central committee to direct the fledgling Young Men Mutual Improvement Association was organized at the Council House in Salt Lake City on Dec. 8, 1876, according to Church Chronology, compiled by Andrew Jenson.

Junius F. Wells, a 20-year-old who had recently returned from a mission to England, began organizing the YMMIA in June 1875, under the direction of President Brigham Young, according to B. H. Roberts' A Comprehensive History of the Church, 5:480-482.

Eighteen months later, With 100 associations organized, the central committee was established with Brother Wells as president; Milton H. Hardy and Rodney C. Badger as counselors; John Nicholson, R.W. Young and George F. Gibbs as secretaries; and Mathoni W. Pratt as treasurer.