Quick Facts: What visitors need to know about temple open house

The Nauvoo Illinois Temple open house runs May 6 through June 22, except Sundays. The temple will be dedicated June 27-30 in 13 sessions. Proceedings of the first dedicatory session on June 27 and the last dedicatory session on June 30 will be broadcast to stake centers worldwide. Members should consult stake leaders for times of broadcast and requirements to attend.

Tickets for the open house?

No open house tickets are currently available, but some may become available due to cancellations. To check on ticket availability, contact the Website: www.lds.org/nauvoo or call 1 (800) 537-6719. Tickets are free but limited to 10 tickets per household. Those ordering tickets by Internet will receive tickets by following instructions in a confirming e-mail notification after making their requests and will print tickets on their printer. Tickets ordered by telephone will be mailed.

Visitors without tickets will be placed on standby status and added to a tour group as space is available, which could mean a wait, especially during peak times in the evenings and on Saturdays.

Who can attend the open house?

It's open to anyone interested in attending. Children are welcome, and there is no age minimum, although it is requested that small children be accompanied by parents or guardians. Strollers may be used.

What will the tour be like?

The tour will last approximately one hour and will take visitors through all six levels of the temple. Upon arriving at the open house, visitors will view an exhibit that gives an overview of temples and their purposes. They will then be organized into small groups for a brief video preview of what will be seen in the temple. Tour hosts will lead groups through the temple, stopping in several rooms for a brief explanation of the significance of each room, and to answer brief questions. Wheelchair access will be available, and elevators can be used for those with disabilities and who need special assistance. Most tour participants will use the stairs.

Appropriate dress for the open house

Modest dress is requested. Sunday best dress is in order.

Parking facilities

Parking signs and parking assistants will guide visitors to the most convenient parking areas. Visitors are asked to be courteous to residents of Nauvoo by parking in designated temple open house parking areas only and not on city streets, business parking lots or driveways.