Beautifying their world

HONG KONG — To beautify a little corner of their world, members of the Hong Kong Kowloon East Stake have enlisted in a government conservation program.

Through the Agricultural and Fisheries Department's "Nature Conserving Scheme," the stake has adopted a 50-by-100-meters piece of land in the Sai Kung West Park, a hillside site with breathtaking scenery. Over a five-year period, members of the stake and others who want to join them will work on projects such as clearing weeds, planting trees and fertilizing the soil on a regular basis each year.

More than 50 stake members participated in the first round of the service in March by clearing weeds from the site. Then in early May, more than 150 members, friends and missionaries cleared weeds, dug holes and planted almost a hundred trees on the site in the second round.

The government program allows the public to experience the upkeep and beautification of a small plot of land in a countryside park, nurturing a sense of conservation and community service. The stake's public affairs committee organized the participation under the direction of the stake presidency.

To recognize the willingness and commitment of participants in the long-term service project, the Agricultural and Fisheries Department will prepare a plaque with the name of the Church on it and place it at the site. An award of appreciation will be presented at the completion of the service and the land will be named after the Church.