New stake presidents

Two new stakes have been created in Nevada and Wisconsin.

The Henderson Nevada Anthem Stake, which includes the Anthem, Arroyo Grande, Desert Valley, Horizon Ridge, Las Vegas University 3rd, Pebble Canyon, Sunridge and Sunset wards, has been created by Elder Carl B. Pratt of the Seventy.

The Milwaukee Wisconsin North Stake, which includes the Brookfield, Lake Michigan, Milwaukee 1st, Parkway and Waukesha wards and the Milwaukee 2nd (Spanish) and Milwaukee City, branches has been created by Elder L. Whitney Clayton of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Australia, Canada, England, New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, and Alaska, California, Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin.


HENDERSON NEVADA ANTHEM STAKE: (April 21, 2002) Created from the Las Vegas Nevada Warm Springs Stake. President — Ivan M. Holland, 46, senior tax manager for Southwest Gas Corp.; wife, Karen Sue Peterson Holland. Counselors — Larry D. Rickertsen, 59, scientist and engineer for Bechtel SAIC; wife, Geraldine Ellen Kohler Rickertsen. Mark S. Robertson, 42, president of Legacy Financial Group; wife, Lesly Brown Robertson.

MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN NORTH STAKE: (April 14, 2002) Created from the Madison Wisconsin and Milwaukee Wisconsin Stakes. President — Walter L. Barlow, 58, training and development officer fore Northwestern Mutual; wife, Claudette Wheat Barlow. Counselors — John B. Heller, 44, president and partner of Interstate Partners; wife, Tenley C. Hilgemeier Heller. Marc P. Willden, 35, president and chief executive officer for Matrix Packaging Machinery; wife, Jakako Ochii Willden.


ADELAIDE AUSTRALIA FIRLE STAKE: (April 21, 2002) President — Colin Wayne Clements, 49, self-employed property maintenance contractor; succeeding Philip F. Howes; wife, Karyn Dawn Mutton Clements. Counselors — B. Rainer Korte, retained. Richard Grant Bennallack, 40, principal at North Ingle Primary School; wife, Michelle Jeane Mahoney Bennallack.

AMES IOWA STAKE: (April 21, 2002) President — Joseph G. Cheney Jr. , 49, coordinator for Church Educational System; succeeding Robert Blaine Schafer; wife, Eileen Pratt Cheney. Counselors — Steven R. Evans, 48, director of tax services for Mid-American Holdings Co.; wife, JoMarie Johnson Evans. Michael T. Stott, 38, managing principal for Stott & Assoc.; wife, Jessie Elizabeth Wilson Stott.

ANCHORAGE ALASKA STAKE: (April 14, 2002) President — Melvin Roy Nichols, 54, president of DOWL Engineers; succeeding Brent M. Wadsworth; wife, Sharon Lynn Malott Nichols. Counselors — Daniel Smart Osborn, 47, executive vice president and chief finance officer for Natchiq Inc.; wife, Debrea Lynne Hanni Osborn. Wesley Duane Newman, 53, self-employed consultant; wife, Linnea Kaye Green Newman.

EDMONTON ALBERTA BONNIE DOON STAKE: (April 21, 2002) President — Bryce Dean Card, 59, manager for city of Edmonton; succeeding David J. Henderson; wife, Kathryn Watson Card. Counselors — Kent William Fletcher, 51, chief administrative officer for Capital Region Housing; wife, Linda Rose Leslie Zgurski Fletcher. Douglas Dwight Nelson, 58, human resource manager for federal government; wife, Merrilee Gold Nelson.

FRESNO CALIFORNIA EAST STAKE: (April 28, 2002) President — John E. Barrus, 47, self-employed attorney; succeeding David Earl Tanner; wife, AnnaLeesa Stanley Barrus. Counselors — Neil P. Budge, 52, regional sales manager for Uniroyal Chemical Co.; wife, Jan Carol Jensen Budge. Duane S. Matsunaga, 48, regional claim manager for Cambridge Integrated; wife, Joan Marie Van Nortwick Matsunaga.

KEIZER OREGON STAKE: (April 21, 2002) President — Brent J. Nelson, 43, self-employed nurseryman; succeeding Ronald M. Hellewell; wife, Cheryl Ann Ellingson Nelson. Counselors — Rick L. Olsen, 47, senior legislative analyst for Oregon Legislature; wife, Judy Ann Moore Olsen. Ross K. Nelson, 44, technical marketing engineer for Mentor Graphics; wife, Cynthia Ann Sharp Nelson.

LONDON ONTARIO STAKE: (April 21, 2002) President — Edward T. Baxter, 53, director of sales and marketing for Accell Graphics; succeeding Harold F. Walker; wife, Gloria Jean Potter Baxter. Counselors — Darryl Dabrowski, 48, managing partner for Peartree Home Marketing; wife, Faye Marilyn Ferguson Dabrowski. Ricky M. Cartwright, 42, sales consultant for Microage Computers; wife, Janet Anne Caufield Cartwright.

MANCHESTER ENGLAND STAKE: (April 14, 2002) President — Sean P. Roberts, 39, sales manager for BK Forktrucks; succeeding Dale Arthur Skidmore; wife, Justine Platt Roberts. Counselors — Roy L. Scott, 57, operations director for Tuy Fasteners; wife, Christine Alkington Scott. Jonathan K. Viner, 29, business finance manager for Great Lakes Chemical Corp.; wife, Juliette Sharon Clifford Viner.

MANGALDAN PHILIPPINES STAKE: (April 21, 2002) President — Ronald P. Molano, 29, operations assistant for JTL Hauler; succeeding Rodolfo Lace Erfe; wife, Rowena Ferrer Albarida Molano. Counselors — Teodorico O. Ramos, 31, collector for A&R Lending Investors; wife, Magdalona Sales Soquila Ramos. P. Butch S. Soria, 29, supply officer for PHU Health; wife, Juliet Sivila Hurtado Soria.

MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN SOUTH STAKE: (April 14, 2002) President — J. Antone Bonner, 46, supervisor of engineering studies for Cooper Power Systems; succeeding Samuel James Otto; wife, Laurie Lynn Scott Bonner. Counselors — J. Breck Magill, 49, dentist; wife, Margaret Alice Barr Magill. Bruce J. Greer, 55, retired as sales engineer for Intel Corp.; wife, Kathleen Marie Stimson Greer.

MOQUEGUA PERU STAKE: (April 21, 2002) President — Jurik Arturo Salas S., 33, employed by Church area office; succeeding Claudio Luis Zeballos Flores; wife, Olga Bibiana Quispe P. de Salas. Counselors — Sidney Kihler Emanuel Reballo Q., 29, principal promotor for Credit Bank of Peru; wife, Giouanna Sandra Coayla V. de Reballo. Francisco Javier Ascue A., 35, administrator for Hicario Nina Fernandez; wife, Daysi Carmen Nina M. de Ascue.

PORT MORESBY PAPUA NEW GUINEA STAKE: (April 28, 2002) President — Vetali Raga Damani , 47, senior technical officer for department of works; succeeding Frank Hou; wife, Aunahoi Henere Damani. Counselors — Michael Peterson Ipai, 39, boiler maker/welder for Church area office; wife, Mukuru Rosie Ipai. Rally Agrippa Abraham , 49, facility management for Presiding Bishopric's office and administrator for Church area office; wife, Fuli Kauapa Abraham.

REDLANDS CALIFORNIA STAKE: (April 21, 2002) President — Daryl H. Carlson, 50, lawyer; succeeding Douglas K. Glauser; wife, Vallorie Hobbs Carlson. Counselors — Brian D. Bascom, 46, teacher for Colton School District; wife, Jean Renee Mallard Bascom. Kevin K. Miskin, 41, principal engineer for Secor Internet; wife, Robin Diane Preston Miskin.

SEATTLE WASHINGTON NORTH STAKE: (April 28, 2002) President — Thomas R. Olson, 58, senior program analyst for King County; succeeding Paul William Tucker; wife, Mary Kathleen Dix Olson. Counselors — Gary J. London, 62, instructor for Everett Community College; wife, Kaisa Marjatta Nieminen London. Randal B. Thatcher, 43, international marketing for Microsoft; wife, Shari Lynn Harless Thatcher.

SOUTH BEND INDIANA STAKE: (April 28, 2002) President — Chester Gibson Jr., 44, president and owner of Can Do Tire Inc.; succeeding Terry W. Bleak; wife, Vicki Anne Green Gibson. Counselors — Lynn S. Walker, 44, general manager for Woodgrain Millwork; wife, Tammi Dene Frederiksen Walker. Richard D. Nettesheim, 54, president and chief operating officer for Teachers Credit Union Subsidiaries; wife, Kristine Carol Becker Nettesheim.

VERNON BRITISH COLUMBIA STAKE: (April 21, 2002) President — Kent G. Burnham, 37, lawyer and partner of Nixon & Wenger; succeeding Larry D. Bateman; wife, Gabriella Maria Sala Burnham. Counselors — Gordon D. Herrington, 48, partner of Tombe Herrington; wife, Kathryn Louise Smith Herrington. Leigh A. Sloan, 38, teacher; wife, Carrie Lee Whidden Sloan.

WILMINGTON DELAWARE STAKE: (April 14, 2002) President — J. Gary Hollingshaus, 53, principle research scientist for DuPont Co.; succeeding Joel R. Temple; wife, Patricia Ann Harward Hollingshaus. Counselors — W. Wynn John, 55, research manager for DuPont Co.; wife, Pamela Robison John. James A. Dayton Jr., 56, welder for Cambridge Tech.; wife, Betty Louise Pritchett Dayton.