Temple influence felt in softened hearts

One of the miracles of the temple can be seen in the softened hearts felt by many workers during construction. Men who are not typically given to emotion can be stirred to tears. Jed Johnson felt those feelings.

He was a painter on the Nauvoo Illinois Temple from Salt Lake City who was not a member of the Church. His father planned to baptize him but died before Jed turned 8 years old. His stake president then planned to baptize him but was killed in a plane crash.

Jed grew up without much affiliation with the Church until a member of the Nauvoo 1st Ward, Gene McMeins, approached him during construction of the temple.

Do you ever plan to be baptized? Brother McMeins asked.

"Never, no way," Jed Johnson said.

They became friends over the next several weeks as they worked on the temple. On one occasion, Brother McMeins suggested that he be baptized before he left Nauvoo.

"It will never happen," Jed declared.

A few more weeks passed. Brother McMeins' time as a volunteer worker expired, but he volunteered for several additional weeks.

"I had a dream last night," Jed told him one day. "I dreamed that I got baptized and you did it."

"Well, are you going to do it?" Brother McMeins asked.

"No," was the reply.

But the next day, Jed Johnson approached Brother McMeins and asked for the missionary lessons.

He progressed through the discussions and was baptized on Jan. 19 by Brother McMeins, with about 100 friends and co-workers from the temple construction siste in attendance.