New Stake Presidents

A new stake has been created in Utah.

The Payson Utah East Stake, which includes the Elk Ridge 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th, Mountain View 1st and 9th and Payson 7th wards, has been created by Elder Ned B. Roueche of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Argentina, Australia, Guatemala, Japan, British Columbia and Chile, and Arizona and Utah.


PAYSON UTAH EAST STAKE: (May 19, 2002) Created from the Payson Utah Mountain View, Payson Utah South and Payson Utah West Stakes. President — Logan Neal Nilsson, 53, operations specialist for DHI Computing Service; wife, Janine Noon Nilsson. Counselors — David Lee Tervort, 50, educator for Nebo School District; wife, Kathleen Elise Mathews Tervort. Jan Eric Newman, 42, vice president of business development for Altiris Inc.; wife Lucia Price Newman.


BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY 14TH STAKE: (May 19, 2002) President — Von G. Keetch, 42, attorney for Kirton & McConkie; succeeding Gerald N. Lund; wife, Bernice Pymm Keetch. Counselors — Douglas C. Brenchley, retained. Brent J. Larsen, 50, owner of Advanced Systems; wife, Tineke Martha Van Alphen Larsen.

EL BELLOTO CHILE STAKE: (April 14, 2002) President — Juan Ramon Gervic T., 55, maintenance supervisor for Warda Plastics; succeeding Hugo Lorenzo Garrido Gonzalez; wife, Maria Isabel Muquillaza H. de Gervic. Counselors — Rene Omar Ramirez R., 35, teacher for Monica Pea School; wife, Maria Cristina Silva I. de Ramirez. Jaime Andres Oyanedel M., 29, school inspector for Liahona College; wife, Alejandra Karina Gutierrez P. de Oyanedel.

GILBERT ARIZONA GREENFIELD STAKE: (May 19, 2002) President — Robert H. Hicken, 55, vice president of Arizona West Contracting Corp.; succeeding Robert Leroy Layton; wife, Patricia Ryan Hicken. Counselors — Michael G. McClure, 47, vice president of sales for NDC Health; wife, Cristy Lin Wolf McClure. Aaron Rodney Bradshaw, 50, owner of A. B. Shaw Electric; wife, Donna Mae Barnett Bradshaw.

GUATEMALA CITY GUATEMALA ATLANTICO STAKE: (May 5, 2002) President — Valerio de Jesus Davila H., 32, administrator for Church area office; succeeding Federico Eugenio Castro Estrada; wife, Angelina Elizabeth Rios R. de Davila. Counselors — Joel Armando Oliva G., 29, sales executive for FERCO; wife, Rosa Esmeralda Mathamba G. de Oliva. Luis Javier Rabanales G., 34, employed in collections department for INTECFA; wife, Walfred Serafina Zobar L. de Rabanales.

JALAPA GUATEMALA STAKE: (May 5, 2002) President — Fred Amilcar Salazar M., 27, financial assistant for education department; succeeding Luis Daniel Aragon Aquino; wife, Anglelica Maria Perez H. de Salazar. Counselors — Oscar Rolando Morales G., 46, self-employed businessman; wife, Vilma Reginalda Monzon M. de Morales. Milton Leonel Lima R., 32, bank division manager for Industrial Bank; wife, Claudia Maria Vilma V. de Lima.

PAYSON UTAH SOUTH STAKE: (May 19, 2002) President — David C. Dahlquist, 51, choral director and Fine Arts Department chairman for Nebo School District; succeeding Logan Neal Nilsson; wife, Maria Elena McCurdy Dahlquist. Counselors — Duane Carl Frisby, 63, district director for Utah Division of Rehabilitation Services; wife, Kaye Collins Frisby. Lowell Beckstrand Anderson, 50, instructor for Church Educational System; wife, Evelyn Powell Anderson.

MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA WEST STAKE: (May 19, 2002) President — Andreas Erich Wolfgang Schwabe, 50, IT management consultant for SMS Management & Technology; succeeding R. B. John Bielenberg; wife, Janet Kay Nairn Schwabe. Counselors — Allan Darrell Toi, 38, contract driver for Mayne Nicrless; wife, Tonya Mele Helu Toi. Richard Watts, 38, technical manager for ERG Transit; wife, Solange Edith Valdes Watts.

PRINCE GEORGE BRITISH COLUMBIA STAKE: (April 28, 2002) President — Scott Shettell, 43, general manager for Apollo Forest Products; succeeding A. Brice Gurney; wife, Lisa Rene Gregson. Counselors — John Kochel, 47, president of J. L. Kochel Construction Ltd.; wife, Karen Rae Gulbranson Kochel. Martin D. Krell, 27, chief executive officer and owner of Pacific Pride Meats; wife, Jessica Elaine Dalton Krell.

RIO BRANCO BRAZIL STAKE: (May 19, 2002) President — Simao Thadeu Lima de Melo, 38, contractor for Motorfios; succeeding Tarcisio Barbosa Freire; wife, Rosangela Maria Soares de Melo. Counselors — Ivanilson Cavalcante, 43, firefighter with Bomberio Militar; wife, Francisca Laura de Oliveira Cavalcante. Francisco Carlos Araujo, 37, retired military policeman; wife, Selma Maria Barbosa da Silva Araujo.

SALT LAKE COTTONWOOD STAKE: (May 19, 2002) President — Donald G. Mantyla II, 49, president and owner of Mantyla McReynolds CPA's; succeeding James H. Woodward; wife, Susan B. Gerzeli Mantyla. Counselors — Thomas E. Kelly, 49, attorney and executive vice president for Jet Blue Airways; wife, Kathleen Fisher Kelly. C. Samuel Gustafson, 51, vice president and chief operations officer for Capitol Industries; wife, Linda Kay Larsen Gustafson.

SANDY UTAH COTTONWOOD CREEK STAKE: (May 22, 2002) President — J. Scott Smith, 46, owner and agent for Smith Insurance Group; succeeding William R. Walker; wife, Lisa Amy Faust Smith. Counselors — David L. Kezerian, 48, senior examiner and commercial lender for Zions Bank; wife, Gayle Ann Packer Kezerian. Lowell V. Smith, 53, attorney for Smith & Glauser P.C.; wife, Lynne Cutler Smith.

SANTA FE ARGENTINA STAKE: (May 5, 2002) President — Jorge Alberto Prieto, 51, coordinator for Church Educational System; succeeding Carlos Arturo Sosa; wife, Virginia Pompea Acri Prieto. Counselors — Ricardo Jose Angulo, 35, supervisor for Tia S.A.; wife, Nelida Guadalupe Chamorro Angulo. Eduardo Daniel Resek, 37, dentist; wife, Maria Alicia Haiek Resek.

SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO ARGENTINA STAKE: (April 21, 2002) President — Miguel Carlos Hardy, 42, pharmacy employee for Hugo Saad; succeeding Jose Badami; wife, Adelina Beatriz Del Malvar Hardy. Counselors — Hugo Roger Saad, 41, teacher; wife, Rosa Marisalda Del Malvar Saad. Fabian Eliceo Ruiz, 46, self-employed carpenter; wife, Matilde Isabel Salto Ruiz.

TUCSON ARIZONA STAKE: (May 19, 2002) President — Gary D. Rasmussen, 50, chief financial officer and chief operations officer for Metro Restaurant; succeeding James G. Busby; wife, Pamela Jo Larsen Rasmussen. Counselors — Thayne W. Hardy, 36, assistant general manager and financial controller for Amphenol Optimize; wife, Kimmy Kay Kupfer Hardy. R. Michael Olsen, 57, operations manager for IBM; wife, Mary Anne Robbins Olsen.