First Lady makes stop in Salt Lake

First Lady Laura Bush, left, was greeted by Relief Society General President Bonnie D. Parkin the evening of June 10 at the Salt Lake International Airport.

Mrs. Bush, who had been in Boise, Idaho, for a conference on early learning, flew to Salt Lake City for a national conference of community service and volunteer leaders. She was accompanied by Jackie Leavitt, wife of Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt.

Pamela Atkinson, vice president of Mission Services at Intermountain Health Care in Salt Lake City, joined Sister Parkin in welcoming the wife of the U.S. president to Salt Lake City. Sister Parkin presented to the First Lady a package containing Church literacy materials, a short written account of Church literacy success stories and a letter thanking her for her desire to improve the lives of women. Attached to the package were several yellow roses. Sister Parkin also gave her a copy of a book, Something Extraordinary.

The letter to Mrs. Bush read, in part: " . . . We believe as women are educated and become literate, they will have opportunities to stand up and make a difference in the communities and countries where they live. Our commitment is to help women worldwide realize their potential."

Remarking on the First Lady's visit, Sister Parkin said, "We talked for just a minute about literacy for women and children, and about her efforts to help women know how to read and [then] read to their children."