New Stake Presidents

A new stake has been created in Mexico.

The Mazatlan Mexico West Stake, which includes the Albatros, Del Valle, Francisco Villa, Lopez Mateos and Vicente Guerrero wards, has been created by Elder Lynn A. Mickelsen of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Brazil, Ecuador, England and Samoa, and California, Idaho, Minnesota, New York, Tennessee, Utah and Wyoming.


MAZATLAN MEXICO WEST STAKE: (April 14, 2002) Created from the Mazatlan Mexico Stake. President — Alfonso Filippini A., 53, manager of simulator machines department for Nautical School of Mazatlan; wife, Griselda Calderon L. de Filippini. Counselors — Victor Hugo Cortez P., 37, allergist physician for IMSS; wife, Martha Graciela Flores C. de Cortez. Jose Omar Villegas G., 26, systems information manager for Pepsi; Wife, Yadira Marcela Miranda E. de Villegas.


BLACKFOOT IDAHO SOUTH STAKE: (May 5, 2002) President — Dale W. Christiansen, 42, vice president of ML Technologies Inc.; succeeding Joseph Vigh Dahle; wife, Susan Smith Christiansen. Counselors — Charles Ulrich, 52, traffic manager for Nonpareil; wife, Deon Chapman Ulrich. Robert William Smith, 52, rural mail carrier for U.S. Postal Service; wife, Catherine Brown Smith.

BOISE IDAHO STAKE: (May 5, 2002) President — Bret J. Vaterlaus, 42, owner and general manager of Western Building Maintenance; succeeding Lynn H. Steele; wife, Laura Kristine Quayle Vaterlalus. Counselors — Bruce W. Blaser, 54, vice president and secretary of Interwest Development Inc.; wife, Annalee Hill Blaser. David L. Tueller, 40, human resources specialist for Hewlett-Packard Company; wife, Margaret Jeanne Young Tueller.

BUFFALO NEW YORK STAKE: (May 5, 2002) President — Stephen J. Free, 53, professor at SUNY at Buffalo; succeeding Gary S. Baughman; wife, Maureen Gerber Free. Counselors — David W. Jayme, retained. Jeffrey O. Williams, 38, facilities manager for Church area office; wife, Mary Kathryn Wode Williams.

CHATTANOOGA TENNESSEE STAKE: (May 5, 2002) President — Richard G. Youngblood, 41, chief operating officer for Blood Assurance; succeeding Dallas W. Rhyne; wife, Katherine J. Echard Youngblood. Counselors — Sean S. McMurray, 41, administrator for Memorial Hospital; wife, Kristin Kaye Harmer McMurray. Bruce P. Tidwell, 37, commercial real estate lender for Suntrust Bank; wife, Dana Genelle Wimpee Tidwell.

GREEN RIVER WYOMING STAKE: (May 5, 2002) President — William Martin Kelsey, 52, dean of administration for Western Wyoming College; succeeding Paul Murdoch Van Wagoner; wife, Carol Patterson Kelsey. Counselors — Julian Kay Sorensen, 56, self-employed electrical contractor; wife, Patsy Ann Dean Sorensen. Bradley D. Cutler, 44, salesman for State Farm Insurance; wife, Nanette Christensen Cutler.

GUAYAQUIL ECUADOR HUANCAVILCA STAKE: (April 21, 2002) President — Edison Harry Landires S., 42, medical lab inspector for Life Laboratories; succeeding Jose Eduardo Castro Alcivar; wife, Maria Alexandra Cardenas W. de Landires. Counselors — Jorge Amaro Garcia T., 41, self-employed cashier; wife, Lorena Sisset Naranjo P. de Garcia. Rolando Daniel Orrala Z., 26, CES temporary secretary; wife, Mariella Yadira Chonillo M. de Orrala.

MINNEAPOLIS MINNESOTA STAKE: (April 28, 2002) President — Lewis Enoch Bautista, 54, self-employed business owner; succeeding Stephen W. Hansen; Wife, Leslie Janet Eddington Bautista. Counselors — E. Bradley Wilson, 49, partner of Grant Thornton; wife, Mari-Lynn Johnston Wilson. William D. Miller, 38, assistant chief of intellectual property council for 3M; wife, Lisa Michele Butt Miller.

NEWCASTLE-UNDER-LYME ENGLAND STAKE: (April 28, 2002) President — Kevin Victor Dowd, 43, project manager for Consignia; succeeding Christopher John Harmsworth; wife, Donna Sue Welland Dowd. Counselors — Denis Hoar, 49, owner of toy shop; wife, Alison Craigie Hales Hoar. John Robert Gardiner, 52, self-employed; wife, Laraine Walker Gardiner.

NITEROI BRAZIL STAKE: (April 21, 2002) President — Alfredo Cezar Amorim Mendes Franco, 39, director of Allantara Physicians Center; succeeding Ricardo Aidukaitis; wife, Rosimara Wilson Souza Mendes. Counselors — Celso Jose Candido Menezes, 52, executive cashier for Savings Bank; wife, Anaidee Candido de Menezes. Reinaldo Germano, 36, director of federal justice; wife, Melena Simone de Lima Germano.

RIVERTON UTAH NORTH STAKE: (April 28, 2002) President — James B. Barton, 52, veterinarian for Sugarhouse Vet Hospital; succeeding Ronald A. Millett; wife, Becky Bea Gunn Barton. Counselors — Dwight W. Philipoom, retained. Kevin H. Doney, 49, manager for Salt Lake Community College; wife, Tracey "D" Hanks Doney.

SALT LAKE UNIVERSITY 2ND STAKE: (March 10, 2002) President — William Charles Bailey, 67, president and chief executive officer for Mount Olympus Waters Inc.; succeeding James M. Dunn; wife, Shirley Marie Cutler Bailey. Counselors — Gary F. Larsen, retained. James C. Kougioulis, retained.

SANTA ROSA CALIFORNIA STAKE: (April 21, 2002) President — Perry J. Bingham, 66, dentist; succeeding Douglas MacKenzie Scribner; wife, Joan Wardle Bingham. Counselors — Steven F. Passey, 55, underwriting director for St. Paul Fire & Marine; wife, Calleen Johnson Passey. Sateki Fakalata, 49, account clerk for County of Sonoma; wife, Debbie Kay Kuwaye Fakalata.

UPOLU SAMOA FALEASI'U STAKE: (May 5, 2002) President — Ropati Lafaele, 48, custodial foreman for Samoan service center; succeeding Pouono Lameko; wife, Laine Leofoalii Lafaele. Counselors — Samaile Fau, 39; wife, Christina Taupo Fau. Fuaifale Elenio, 37, employed by legislative company; wife, Aoleagh Fol Elenio.