Pres.Packer teaches students about Holy Ghost


Allow the Spirit to guide your life was the message of President Boyd K. Packer, acting president of the Quorum of the Twelve, when speaking to nearly 9,000 students at Brigham Young University-Idaho March 12.

At the weekly devotional, President Packer said the Holy Ghost will "teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance whatsoever you should know."

He explained: "You'll be doing things automatically, almost unwittingly without thinking, and you will find you were prompted and guided by the Holy Spirit. You will later look back and know you were guided and also that you were warned."

President Packer added: "You will be warned, 'Don't go there, don't do that, don't go with him, don't go with her, don't go there, don't be with them. . . .' You will be guided and the Lord will watch over you."

He told a personal story of a young missionary he met in Germany about 30 years ago, David Bednar, now president of BYU-Idaho. When leaving Munich on a train headed for Berlin, then surrounded by East Germany, the young missionary was prompted to give him some money.

President Packer said, "As we were leaving, he asked, 'Do you have any German money? You better have some.' He then handed me a 20-mark note."

The money was desperately needed during the train trip through East Germany. "Why was it that this elder handed me the 20 mark note? All you need to know about life is that our life is really not our own. If we live as we should live, then we will be taken care of. . . . As you go through life you will find these things happen when you're living as you ought to live."

President Packer said: "You've got to learn to be alone in a crowd. . . . That's so important because we spend so much time in airports and noisy places. But I don't go there. I might be standing there physically, but I'm not there spiritually because I'm thinking things and doing things. If you learn to do that, then the Spirit will teach you."

He recalled experiences during the Teton Dam flood in 1976 that flooded Rexburg and much of the Upper Snake River Valley. He and then-Church President Spencer W. Kimball arrived soon after to offer assistance from the Church. Based on the time of day and population, he said one official estimated there should have been 5,000 casualties. Fortunately, there were only 11.

President Packer said one chief reason was that people ran and warned their neighbors. He added, "The Spirit was operative. It was the Spirit that warned them that they must act quickly."

He added, "As you go through college here and learn the gospel and how the Spirit operates, you will become wise indeed."

President Packer explained that man is a dual being with a spirit and a body. "The spirit and the body when eternally combined make up the soul of man," he said. "So there are two of you sitting there. There's a spirit inside of a body."

He continued, "Your spirit is eternal; it existed forever. . . . It's generally understood that we're going to live forever. . . . That can't be unless that's true of the past too, that we lived eternally in the past. So we're in the middle of something here."

When death comes, the spirit and the body are separated. "When that unwrapping takes place, . . . when you are unwrapped and we look at your spirit, what will you look like?"

He said some people may be described as perfect athletes with beautiful bodies. "But if we separated your body from your spirit, what would your spirit look it?" he asked.

"You will live to learn you could have a very beautiful body and a very shriveled, weak spirit. On the other hand, you can have a body that is limited in many ways and yet in the eternal scheme of things you can train and teach your spirit so that it becomes of imperishable worth."


  • WEEK ENDING MARCH 23, 2002