World War II vets recognized

ROSTOV, Russia — Missionaries in the Russia Rostov Mission and members of the Taganrog Branch joined together May 9 to recognize Russian World War II veterans during the country's annual "Day of Victory" parade.

Before the event, youth from the branch prepared greeting cards, containing a message of thanks to the veterans. The cards were distributed during the parade.

"We were overflowing with feelings as we awaited the beginning of the parade," said Elder Maxim Olegovich Mashkov of the Russia Rostov Mission. "It was suddenly upon us, the parade started and the military orchestra began to play. The section of medals-decorated veterans marched to the beat of the orchestra as they approached town square. What wonderful feelings we experienced as we congratulated the war veterans. Our hearts were filled with joy as we saw their faded smiles return in response to our small token of gratitude."

Elder Mashkov said the parade itself wasn't very long. After the procession, missionaries and members took pictures with the celebrated veterans.

"It was a humbling experience for us to feel the pure love of Christ radiating all around us at this wonderful time," Elder Mashkov said. "We found out that day that sincere gratitude and brotherly love are some of the most spiritually rewarding experiences of our lives."