By divine decree, ‘these are our days’

God is in the details, said Elder Neal A. Maxwell of the Quorum of the Twelve. "And just as the Lord knows all of His vast creations, He also knows and loves each in any crowd — indeed, each and all of mankind."

Speaking Saturday morning, Elder Maxwell said, "In the churn of crises and the sinister swirl of global events, true disciples will maintain faith in a revealing, loving God."

True disciples, he continued, "will also maintain faith in His atoning Son, Jesus Christ.

"Actually, . . . Jesus is already victorious in the greatest battle anyway," he said, quoting John 16:33.

"The restored gospel is buoyant, wide and deep — beyond our comprehension. . . . Furthermore, God will give us priceless, personal assurances through the Holy Ghost. Whether in tranquil or turbulent times, our best source of comfort is the Comforter.

"Thus we need not grow 'weary in [our] minds.' Our discipleship need not be dried out by discouragement or the heat of the day, nor should dismaying, societal symptoms 'weigh [us] down,' including 'in-your-face,' carnal confrontiveness."

Regarding trials of faith and patience, Elder Maxwell said, "These calisthenics are designed to increase our capacity for happiness and service. . . . Therefore, we can be troubled on every side, but nothing can really separate us from the love of Christ; worldly anxieties are not part of being 'anxiously engaged.' "

As to remedying personal mistakes, "we face no hindering traffic jams on the road of repentance," Elder Maxwell said. "It is a toll road, not a freeway, and applying Christ's atonement will speed us along."

"Unless we are filled with resolve, what will we say to the heroes and heroines of Martin's Cove and the Sweetwater? That 'we admire you, but we are reluctant to wade through our own rivers of chilling adversity?' "

By divine appointment, "these are [our] days," he said. "Though we live in a failing world, we have not been sent here to fail.

"Recall the new star that announced the Birth at Bethlehem? It was in its precise orbit long before it so shone. We are likewise placed in human orbits to illuminate. Divine correlation functions not only in the cosmos, but on this planet, too."

Perplexing things will still happen, he said, "but, like Nephi, we can still know that God loves us, a felicitous and fundamental fact which can, and will, sustain us through so much."

The "mighty change" required by discipleship may seem roller-coaster like, as soaring revelations bring the gravity of humbling perspective, he continued. " 'Mighty' changing, however, is mighty hard work, it's a labor made more difficult by heeding the unflattering urges of the natural man. Too often our possibilities have been muted by the mundane. We are scarcely ready for the vaulting revelations.

"But, Brothers and Sisters, what keeps us from knowing and loving Him more? Our reluctance to give away all our sins — thinking, instead, a down payment will do. Likewise, our reluctance to let our wills be swallowed up in His will — thinking, instead, that merely acknowledging His will — is sufficient.

"Part of God's 'ample provision' consists of imperfect people like you and me, committed, nevertheless, to shining and serving in our appointed orbits, knowing all the while, that we are encircled 'in the arms of [His] love.' "