Dedicatory prayer excerpts: ‘The virtue and value of these smaller temples have been demonstrated’

Following is an excerpt from the prayer rededicating the Monticello Utah Temple given by President Gordon B. Hinckley on Sunday, Nov. 17, 2002. The full text of the prayer is available on the Church News Web site:

Four years ago we offered our prayer of thanksgiving and dedication consecrating this house unto Thee. It was then the first of a new generation of sacred temples. Great is the work which has here been accomplished. It has served Thy people in a wonderful manner. They have gathered here to do Thy holy work. They have knelt at the altars of this house and under the authority of the holy priesthood have been sealed in matrimony for time and for all eternity. Wives have been sealed to husbands, children to parents, families have been bound together under an everlasting covenant.

A great work in behalf of the dead has been carried forward. Vicarious baptisms have been performed in behalf of many thousands. Initiatory ordinances have been enacted. The endowment has been given. Covenants with Thee have been made. And again, in behalf of those beyond the veil of death, families have been bound together for all eternity. What a glorious work has been accomplished in this Thy house.

Thy faithful servants, the men of the temple presidency, have labored night and day, faithfully and well, as have the matron and assistants to the matron. Those who have worked with them have done so with a spirit of love and dedication in assisting Thy Saints who have come as patrons.

The virtue and value of these smaller temples have been demonstrated to the degree that others of a similar kind have been constructed and dedicated and are now in service throughout the world.

Because of the volume of work here accomplished it has become necessary to add to this structure, as well as to refine it in other ways. This is now complete. . . .