Parliament speaker talks to youth

BRISBANE, Australia — Queensland Parliament Speaker and Member for Redcliffe, Ray Hollis, addressed the Brisbane Australia North Stake's graduating seminary class and their parents at a special ceremony Nov. 10, at the Bracken Ridge Chapel.

Although he had been to many community churches, this was the first time the parliament speaker visited an LDS chapel. "I'm sorry I haven't entered one before," he told the students. "I've learned a lot about your church tonight, and what you stand for.

"I can see where you get your great zest for life," he added. "You can thank God for that."

His remarks echoed the admonition of President Gordon B. Hinckley to "be prayerful," "be smart" and "be tolerant".

Mr. Hollis, well known in the community for his dedication to service and his love of people, spoke on the importance of lifelong learning and education and the need for tolerance and love toward others.

He described his impoverished childhood, growing up in war-torn England and said the violent methods of educating in that era left something to be desired. "I don't think people learn much under duress," he said.

He said the modern method of love and tolerance, which the Church utilizes, is a better option. "It's better to teach with love," he said. "Love is much better than hate."

Mr. Hollis stressed the importance of gaining a good education and continuing to learn, and advised the youth to be tolerant of others.

He also shared his thoughts on prayer and Parliament. "I read a prayer every single morning before Parliament, and that's the one time everyone in Parliament is quiet. That shows you the power of prayer!" he said.

Closing his speech, Mr. Hollis invited the young people to visit Parliament, to understand how it works so that they can reach their goals as they "prepare to be an influence for good in the world."