Polynesian Cultural Center renovation

LAIE, Hawaii — In gearing up for the 40th anniversary of the Polynesian Cultural Center, officials here are adding a new exhibit featuring Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui, and are renovating the front entrance building. The changes to the entrance building include the addition of a museum to tell the story of the Polynesian migration.

The front entrance will also include a halau wa'a, or canoe house, to house a small koa canoe and the implements necessary for oceanic voyaging.

"We are delighted to be able to move forward with this renovation," said Von D. Orgill, president of the Polynesian Cultural Center. "The renovation of the front entrance building and courtyard is the second phase of our plan to improve upon the overall experience for people entering the PCC. There will be more authentic decor and native plants. The entire project is designed as a welcome and introduction to Hawaii and the rest of Polynesia."

The new island exhibit will round out the Polynesian triangle and educate visitors on the Moai or statues that are considered one of the Forgotten Wonders of the World. A master rock carver will be on hand to demonstrate how the Moai are carved and give an oral history on the significance of the statues. The exhibit will be set up to feature the carving as a daily activity. Once a statue is complete, another will begin so that visitors each day will share in the creation process.