All can be blessed by ‘living water’

The Savior's living water heals, nourishes, sustains and brings peace and joy, said Sister Kathleen H. Hughes, first counselor in the Relief Society General Presidency.

Sister Hughes began her Saturday morning address by discussing the New Testament encounter between Christ and the Samaritan woman at Jacob's well. Christ asked the woman for a drink, then told her His "living water" would satisfy her thirst forever.

"When Christ testified to her that He was the Messiah, and when the Spirit confirmed to her that it was true, she began to comprehend that Jesus was speaking of greater truths," Sister Hughes said. "She left the well water behind and hurried away to seek others who might come and listen."

Living water is the gospel of Jesus Christ, she added.

Sister Hughes said she has met with many women in the past year who have experienced the Savior's healing power. There is much suffering, sadness and fear in the world, she observed.

"But I have learned from my own experience, and I learn from those I meet, that we are never left to our own resources," she said. "We are never abandoned. A wellspring of goodness, of strength and confidence is within us, and when we listen with a feeling of trust, we are raised up. We are healed. We not only survive, but we love life."

The living water also nourishes, she said.

"Those who drink deeply not only become whole themselves, but become a fountain to others, as one spirit nurtures and feeds another," Sister Hughes said.

Christ's living waters can bring peace and joy — even when the wellspring within people seems to have dried. Sister Hughes said there are women of all ages in the Church who give strength and love to others who are suffering.

"Peace comes to us from the Lord, but we can help each other feel that peace as we share our burdens and our happiness," she said.

Turmoil is raging in a perilous world, acknowledged Sister Hughes. Economies are in distress and families are struggling.

"But the living waters still offer joy and peace. When we live righteously, when we have done all we can do, one of the gifts we receive is confidence."