In seeking Christ, value the journey

One of the most compelling invitations and profound promises given by the Savior is found in the simple phrase "seek, and ye shall find," said Elder Craig C. Christensen of the Seventy Saturday afternoon.

"Although the process of seeking includes prayer and supplication, it goes much deeper than that," he said. "Seeking is more of a journey than a single event. I liken it to taking a long, cross-country vacation. Although we know what our ultimate decision is, the rich experiences and real learning come day by day as we progress toward our goal."

The pattern for seeking God's answers begins when followers study in their minds and ponder in their hearts those things most desired of the Savior. "This process of reflection brings clarity and inspiration to our souls," Elder Christensen said.

And what should people seek? he asked.

"The scriptures teach us that we should "seek. . . earnestly the [very] best gifts," that we should seek wisdom and understanding and to prepare every needful thing," Elder Christensen said. "We are admonished to lose ourselves in the service of others and to seek those things that are virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy."

Shun the unclean things of the world, he added.

Elder Christensen said individuals should first seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Seek to find Christ.

"As we engage our faith and commit our energy to draw closer to Jesus Christ, we begin to understand more fully who He really is. As we seek Him diligently, we gain a deep and abiding testimony of His matchless love, His perfect life and example and the blessings of His great atoning sacrifice."

By seeking deeply, he added, people can better appreciate Christ's role; accept the testimonial message of the Book of Mormon; receive a witness of the Prophet Joseph Smith; recognize that the restored Church is on earth and discover that His Church is guided today by a living prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley.

"As we seek [Christ], we find that He is the Light and Life of the World."