Crowning principle

"Faithfully living and practicing sacred welfare principles in the home brings great spiritual strength to families and individual family members," Presiding Bishop H. David Burton declared during the opening session of the BYU Women's Conference May 1 in the Marriott Center.

Living and teaching welfare principles in the home, he said, "can both materially and spiritually strengthen our families, particularly our children, against the many challenges they face each day. Over a lifetime, welfare can truly become the crowning principle of an individual's Christian life and the essence of the gospel as it is deeply rooted in the nourishing fiber of home, family and example."

Continuing, Bishop Burton spoke of ways the principles of welfare can be lived in the home. He spoke of the law of the fast and encouraged parents to give their fast offerings. "Our children need to see us respond to the deacons as they make their monthly rounds, or they need to see us include our fast offerings as we submit our tithing. They need to be a part of calculating what the family amount should be."

Bishop Burton also urged parents to teach their children kindness and compassion by joining as a family in reaching out to extended family members, neighbors and others. He also said children can learn marvelous lessons from active participation in a family preparedness plan.

In addition, children living in families that practice provident living "learn self-discipline and, perhaps more important, gain an understanding of the critical difference between wants and needs."