See with new eyes

Addressing the opening session of BYU Women's Conference May 1, Bonnie D. Parkin, Relief Society general president, declared: "My hope today is that we will begin to see welfare with new eyes; that we will better understand what the Lord's storehouse is — that we each have something to contribute; that we will realize that self-reliance is not just about having enough for yourself, but about having enough to share with others."

Sister Parkin likened the Bishop's Storehouse, where "there is enough and to spare," to "what the Lord has placed in each of us. It is one woman making a difference for another. It is one sister offering to listen or talk with a sister who may be lonely. It is a sister developing a close friendship with the sister she visit teaches. It is you and me with our strengths, our skills and our talents blessing the life of another."

Speaking of cultivating in children a legacy of self-reliance and service, Sister Parkin said: "We must teach our children to work. . . . Work builds confidence, self-reliance and provides skills to serve others."

She urged parents to teach their children to live within their means and stay out of debt. She also encouraged them to teach children to serve others. She recalled a Christmas Eve in her youth when her mother let her and her brothers take of their own meager means and provide Christmas to a needy family. "She understood that our service did not have to be perfect. It only needed to come from our hearts."