Temple moments: Temple moments: Fulfilled promise

In the fall of 1999, Dean and Joy Wilding of the Lindon 7th Ward, Lindon Utah Central Stake, were called to serve in the California San Diego Mission.

"One day, we were in the Lakeside 1st Ward, Santee California Stake, when a new bishop, Robert Schallock, was sustained," said Brother Wilding. "His parents, Robert and Betty, had been inactive for many years but were in attendance for this special day."

After the sacrament meeting, Elder and Sister Wilding met and introduced themselves to Sister Schallock in the foyer, where she was waiting for her husband. They later visited the Schallocks at their home and a close friendship developed. Soon the Wildings were teaching the Schallocks, even though Brother Schallock was experiencing serious heart problems.

"They were profoundly touched by the Spirit present during the gospel discussions," said Brother Wilding. "Brother Schallock even commented that he felt we had been sent to them, 'especially to get this old goat back on track and rekindle the fire that once burned' for the gospel.

"As we progressed in our teaching, their desire increased to return to Church and work toward being sealed in the temple."

Just as the Schallocks set a goal to be sealed on June 15, 2002 — their 50th wedding anniversary — the Wildings completed their mission and returned home. But they came back to California to share in that sacred, second wedding experience with the Schallocks and their bishop son. "It was a wonderful day," said Brother Wilding.

Later, Bishop Schallock shared a promise that he had received nearly 30 years earlier. As he was preparing for his mission, he was given a blessing that if he served a mission, his parents would return to activity. He wondered, considering his father's heart illness, if this would, indeed, ever happen.

"We often felt the Spirit teaching the Schallocks and now realize that the Lord allowed us to be part of fulfilling promised blessings," said Brother Wilding.

A few months after the sealing, Brother Schallock's heart problems overcame him and he died, leaving a family bereaved but with his temple sealing in effect.